Nature vs. Nurture

It’s a stunningly beautiful film that digs into the very core of riders and why they love this wild ride of a sport—and it does it by showing, not telling.

Style is everything. Some riders have flow so distinct, you can recognize them from a distance as they glide effortlessly along singletrack and over berms. But where does that style come from? Is it just something that comes naturally—just part of their DNA manifesting itself in mega hucks and epic bar drags? Or is it absorbed primarily from their environment, with the trees they navigate at the very root of their development? Well, in the case of Matt Hunter and Matty Miles, when it comes to Nature vs Nurture, it’s pretty much a dead heat. There’s natural, DNA-fed talent, and then there is Kamloops—the crucible which takes that DNA and forges it with landscape to create pure, enviable ride style.

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